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During my six years selling homes in Southern California I've met some of the sharpest agents in the business and gained the knowledge of critical qualities to look for in an agent when buying or selling property.  Top Agent connector is where I apply this knowledge to synchronize you with an agent to meet your goals.  I also couple this experience with my passion for improving the safety and health of America's cities.  I live in San Diego and notice that our communities are becoming happier and healthier as more people discover and practice mindflow and heartfull habits, shaking up old routines.  You are the creator and this looks different to everyone.

To me it involves riding bicycles at least 50% of the times that I leave the house to work and play.

Thanks for stopping by and You are invited to share this with your friends and return to use this resource while preparing for your next real estate transaction.

This is a nationwide service so we are always expanding our network with outstanding agents and bike advocacy groups in different cities.

Our partners and clients fit 1-3 of the following criteria. 

1. You are buying, selling, or leasing residential or commercial real estate.
2. Resonate with putting more bicycles on the road, supporting an attractive apprentice respected social scene in communities nationwide, or donating to your advocacy group of choice. 

2. You will soon be buying a home and want the unique experience of riding our rental bicycles (or your own) while touring neighborhoods and finding your next home. 

When you complete a transaction with one of our agents, you will receive money to:

Donate to important groups who are avidly improving their cities culture.
Spend at your local bicycle shop.
Have an edible garden (rooftop or earth) installed at your building.
Go Solar.
Plant trees and plants.

Thank You for being You.

Love and Success,

Paul John Butler II and the Top Agent Connector Family, including You.

Since I'm growing this business from San Diego, a couple of the critical advocacy groups top agent connector supports here in SD include:

BikeSD is an organization that has been in action for a couple years and is making big impacts in the improvement of San Diego bicycle culture.  Sam Ollinger and her staff and volunteers are a much appreciated active and persuasive voice in San Diego transportation and development politics.  I recommend reading their emphatically established vision and mission page.

San Diego Bicycle Coalition advocates for, and protects the rights of all people who ride bicycles.  They also engage in the community, promoting bicycling as a mainstream, safe and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation.

A Nationwide organization we support is the bike and walk alliance which catalyzes the efforts of local, state and federal advocacy and projects.

Check out this easy online application, and get started! Your presence means the world.

If you aren't being awesome, you aren't being yourself.

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