Sunday, June 5, 2016

'Novel use' of 4 car parking spots

||“Some were surprised at the ‘novel use’ of such a large outdoor space that had heretofore only been myopically considered as a parking lot,” McCann explained.

“Many thought the ‘sacrifice’ of 4 or 5 car parking spots in exchange for seating for 180 and bicycle parking for 63 was somehow unwise.”

Six years later, booming business at McCann’s APEX Bar has more than proved them wrong. On a warm night, the patio tables of the lively beer bar are packed, and the 63-spot bike racks are full to occasionally overflowing. Content from article written by Hilary Angus. || For more articles including How green is your bike? and Are bike helmets holding us back?, visit Momentum Online.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Free shipping worldwide on purchase of ' The Tesla of Bicycles'

VanMoof bicycle company founder, Taco Carlier, was living too close to the office.  One could make assumptions about this. For Carlier, this meant he couldn't ride to work. He missed the creativity and happiness that comes with riding a bike to work. I don't buy the creativity part, because during that time he invented the Electrified S, a smart bicycle that has theft protection and a battery inside the sleek bicycle frame. 

Nonetheless it is a common belief in Amsterdam that the creative entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional well being is closely tied to the fact that 63% of Amsterdammers, that is 800,000 humans use their bicycle on a daily basis.