Real Estate with Benefits

We exist because of a belief that the best suburban areas are the ones where residents enjoy daily walks and bike rides to nearby destinations, primarily work, appointments and shopping.  Marin County for instance.  It's luxurious, clean, and flooded with people riding around town.  It's that simple.  This is healthcare, a daily practice and lifestyle with cleaner air, magnificent trees and people. Push or electric bicycles for daily use and cars for awesome adventures beyond daily distance.  

We have established the first major real estate transaction services company that rewards home sellers and buyers with their choice of community building assets such as new bicycles, donations to advocacy organizations, planting trees and other human and solar powered ingenuity.

Getting involved is effective and secure. If you will be leasing, buying or selling a home in the near future, this website will connect you to a Top Local Realtor who fits your needs.  When the transaction is completed, you will have funds available to spend at your local bike shop or in any atavistic, advancing manner. 

Starting is free, easy and takes two minutes:

1. Fill out the application.

2. Allow up to 12 hours for us to process the request.
(call 858-232-3813 if you need immediate assistance)

3. You will be contacted by a carefully selected professional real estate agent to efficiently guide you through the process. 


We know you deserve the best. The best service and the best home. 

With Top Agent Connector you can be comfortable and confident in residential and commercial transactions in any city.

Why the connections work:

Agent connections are based on objective universal and personal criteria that brings your desired result into reality.

(criteria includes: #transactions/year, skills, expertise, business practices, personality, customer requests) 


The Top Agents we refer are very active in the market.  They preview product inventory weekly and really understand the local market activity where you will be buying or selling. They work individually or run a team and are consistently closing transactions with satisfied and loyal clients.  


We are currently operating in the United States and international countries where real estate ownership is similar to United States.

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